Bochum – Starlight Express Theater

  • Bochum – Starlight Express Theater
  • Bochum – Starlight Express Theater

In the Starlight Express theater DDC4000 and Bosch Climotion reduce energy consumption and ensure increased comfort for the visitors. The venue is the largest in northern Germany that is equipped with Climotion technology.

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When Rusty, Pearl, Dinah, Greaseball and co storm the 1,100 square-meter stage, we are in the presence of the world champion of locomotives – the Starlight Express. The Starlight Express Theater in Bochum, built in 1988, is the first theater to be purpose-built to host one individual musical show. Since then, over 14 million visitors have seen the Andrew Lloyd Webber creation. In 2010 the Starlight Express Theater was awarded the Guinness World Record as the musical theatre with the highest number of visitors in the world.

The building’s ventilation system is also record-breaking: with a capacity of 24,000 cubic meters, it is the largest installation in northern Germany that is equipped with Bosch Climotion technology (former name: BAOPT).

Energy efficiency with DDC4000 and Climotion

Climotion has proven successful in several other musical theaters. Therefore, as owners of the building, Bochum Office of Public Works decided to equip the Starlight Express theater with this system. It aimed to reduce energy consumption and at the same time increase the level of comfort for the visitors. Competing against several other contenders, Kieback&Peter won the contract with the DDC4000 automation system. Climotion is fully compatible with all of the automation stations in the DDC4000 automation system.

The components of a competitor were replaced by one DDC4200 automation station for three ventilation systems equipped with Climotion and one DDC4002 for the other building installations. They monitor and regulate the ventilation system via one installation for the plenum and two further installations for the stage and the foyer. Thanks to the open nature of the DDC4000 system, no further changes to the installation were necessary. It was possible to retain most of the existing measuring elements from different vendors. Before conversion, the ventilation system worked with constant air flow. Now frequency inverters allow energy-efficient operation with variable air volume and variable proportion of outside air. CO2 sensors monitor and adjust the proportion of outside air and provide for good air quality with minimum heat loss.

Chaos saves energy

The patented Climotion control software mixes the existing room air slowly and evenly with the incoming fresh air. The result is "chaotic" air distribution. Directed air currents that are perceived as drafts, no longer occur. Temperature stratification and temperature islands are largely avoided. The room temperature is the same from floor to ceiling, also in high-ceilinged rooms. Moreover, high temperatures no longer occur at the ceiling level. As a result, the temperature setting can be reduced by 1 to 2 ° C.

Climotion saves between 30 and 70 percent energy compared to conventional control systems. Existing systems can be cost-effectively converted. Single and dual-duct systems can be retrofitted with Climotion without requiring changes to the ventilation ducts and shafts.

Centralized building management

Prior to the conversion, the Starlight Express theater building automation system was already connected to the vendor-neutral building management system of the Bochum Office of Public Works. The new DDC4000 automation system is connected via BACnet IP. Frank Bünger (responsible for Building Management at Bochum Office of Public Works) and Peter Lucassen (CTO of Starlight Express) are extremely satisfied with the new system: "The connection to our building management system was completely trouble-free. We operate and monitor the system from our headquarters and always have all important parameters in view.”

With the DDC4000 automation system and Climotion, the 25-year-old facility was refurbished to an excellent level without changes to the existing ventilation ducts.

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In a nutshell

  • 30% to 70% energy savings with Climotion
  • Cost-efficient conversion
  • Improved indoor climate
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