Overview of the DDC4000-System

Building Automation System DDC4000

Quick, communicative and efficient. The DDC4000 automation system is a control and management system for measuring, regulating, controlling, optimizing and monitoring technical plants (BTA). It is based on a 32-bit processor and operates according to multi-tasking principles. The operating system is Linux.

Everything from one source – components and modules

The DDC4000 automation system consists of not only DDC4000 automation stations but comprises a variety of components and modules and is well prepared for all system requirements. Including:

  • I/O modules on the Control Cabinet BUS (BMA, BMD, SBM)
  • I/O modules to the fieldbus (FBM, FBU, FBR, RBW)
  • Control modules as local-priority operating level (according to EN ISO 16484-2 LVB: 2004)

Well connected – Bus Systems

sDDC4000 automation stations are communication specialists and easily connect with other manufacturers' products. The automation stations communicate over Ethernet (TCP/IP, BACnet IP) and via BACnet MS/TP. Up to 99 DDC4000 automation stations can communicate with each other in a network segment.

The existing RS485 interface can be used for communication with BACnet MS/TP devices (e.g. BACnet MS/TP field devices) or with other DDC panels.

Each automation station has also two switchable interfaces to bus systems based on CAN as a service cabinet, for connection of up to 16 BMA, BMD and SBM modules, or as a field bus for  connection of up to 63 FBM, FBU, FBR and RBW modules.

Always the right program – the software

The software of the DDC4000 automation system is well prepared for diverse tasks. The basic functions of the system are divided into:

  • Key programs in the form of control functions for heating, ventilation and fixed value control, including, control logic.
  • Supplementary programs for energy optimization, increased energy efficiency and process optimization.
  • Standardized objects representing the HVAC units (fans, pumps, etc.)
  • Free design and configurable control objects.
  • Message management with a fault indication for messages from operational installations and system messaging with a direct indication message sent to a connected building management system BMS, SMS or via e-mail.
  • Basic programs in the form of control functions for heating, ventilation and set point control, including control logic.
  • Message management with storage of fault messages for messages from the technical plants (BTA) and system messages.
  • Software objects that can be freely structured and parameterized.

The basic functions are configured via a modern, effective object structure. This minimizes configuration effort.

Simply simple – operation

DDC4000 automation stations can be operated by a touchscreen with graphical representations and plain text. In this case, the entire system can be operated from any connected automation station without any additional devices (Remote Control) required.

In addition, the DDC4000 automation station WEB server allows for the remote control of the system through any computer with a web browser or with mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

The switches, buttons and LED's on the SBM module are freely programmable. The DDC and RBW room control modules have programmable switches, buttons and LCD displays.

Communication is (almost) everything – interfaces

DDC4000 automation stations speak all the languages of building automation, and therefore can communicate in all directions and with all current building automation systems and components.

To communicate with building management, DDC4000 automation stations use the BACnet protocol. DDC4000 automation stations are certified as BACnet Building Controller (B-BC) after the current test plan and speak native BACnet. They are also AMEV certified.

The exchange of data with remote building management systems is done via a secure VPN connection over the Internet.

Compatibility protects your investments

The DDC4000 automation system is the right choice for you. Your existing older building components and systems from Kieback&Peter can be further used in conjunction with the DDC4000 system. This creates investment security.

The DDC4000 automation system is largely compatible with the DDC3000 system. Remote control by the DDC3000, the DDC4000-Central, or by a bi-directional data exchange between the two systems is possible. All I/O DDC3000 system modules can also be used with the DDC4000 central unit.

The integration or joining of other automation systems is carried out at the automation level via Ethernet, BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP, and at the field level via BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP or gateway modules SBM51/SBM52 at the control cabinet.

Benefits in brief

  • Open communication
  • Configuration with objects
  • Intuitive, customizable operating concept
  • Networking over Ethernet, BACnet-IP or BACnet MS/TP
  • Remote control and use of Web services
  • BACnet and AMEV certification, BTL Listing

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