Building management

Building management systems are tools for technical facility management. Building management systems form the interface between the operator, the building automation system and the integrated equipment.

The technical equipment is operated, monitored and serviced via the building management system thus optimizing your company. Building management systems process and store all plant data. These are then available for evaluations, analyses and protocols.

Building management systems also deliver data for other areas of facility management, such as, commercial facility management.

Neutrino-GLT building management system

Kieback&Peter’s Neutrino-GLT building management system fulfils all requirements of a modern building automation system.

It can integrate not only building technical equipment and systems of different manufacturers, but also special installations like swimming pool technology or hospital technology for example. With standardized interfaces it allows communication between different bus systems and protocols.

Operation is simple and transparent. All facility data is collected and protected. It is available for analyses, evaluations and optimization is based upon it. Sensitive processes can be securely logged and documented.

The system can be controlled from an operator station on-site or remotely operated.

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