Room Automation with LonWorks

The technolon System

The LonWorks technology forms the basis of the technolon concept. LonWorks enables the integration of different systems into a single network. Devices integrated into a LonWorks network can communicate directly with each other and operate optimally together on the basis of the data exchanged between them. 

A real-life example: the signal “room occupied” is sent via an occupancy sensor. Heating, ventilation, lighting and sun blinds are activated as necessary to ensure comfortable conditions for the user. If the occupant opens the window, the window contacts send a “window open” signal and the radiator valves are automatically closed so that no heating energy is wasted. Simultaneous heating and cooling is also eliminated. When the occupancy sensor sends the “room unoccupied” signal, heating, ventilation and lighting are automatically turned off. Sun blind control remains active. This enables the sun blinds to be raised in winter to allow the sun’s rays to heat the room. In summer, the blinds are lowered to prevent overheating. Optimal control and the simultaneous use of natural resources limits energy consumption by ensuring that only the amount of energy needed for using the room is used. 

technlon is a highly transparent, end-to-end solution. At the automation level, data is collected from every room. These form the basis for controlling primary systems such as the boiler, air-conditioning and cooling. At the management level there are software modules that enable further optimization via the display and analyzing of trend curves and the avoidance of energy consumption peaks or schedule programs. 

The technolon concept from Kieback&Peter is a coordinated solution that meets the various demands of building automation. Decades of experience lies behind the technolon concept. 

technolon devices

  • RCN-L, a compact family of room controllers
  • TQF room control module, surface mounted
  • TQF room control module, flush mounted
  • DDC111 room control module, flush mounted with LCD display
  • RBW119-IR Infrared remote control with LCD display
  • RCU-L room controller – for wall mounting
  • LCN-L compact normal rails module family for room control
  • BCU-L compact flush mounted module family for control of lighting and sun blinds
  • DDC3550-L central unit for integrating LONWORKS networks in the DDC system

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