The software package "Energy Management" supports companies in the implementation of energy management.

Beginning in 2013, companies that would like to receive a tax break on their energy and electricity taxes require a certified energy management system. The requirements for energy management systems were previously governed the standard DIN EN 16001. As of April 24, 2012, the international standard is ISO 50001.

The energy management standard is based on the cycle Plan-Do-Check-Act. The software "Energy Management" by Kieback&Peter also covers the new standard for the "Check" procedure. It captures, collects and stores the energy and media consumption of individual rooms, buildings and parts of all buildings and properties and calculates parameters including energy consumption and emissions. By analyzing the usage data, potential savings can be identified in energy consumption and developed goals, strategies and measures for consumption and cost optimization.

The benchmarking capabilities compare the energy consumption of its own building with the average consumption of buildings of the same type and use. This allows the assessment of the building’s own energy consumption and monitoring of the success of energy saving measures.

Graphical and tabular representations of the emission values show at a glance how much carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate matter is generated by building’s operation.

The software "Energy Management" runs as standalone software for Windows. The data can be transferred directly from the automation station or the building management system, or imported from Excel files. Similarly, the data from PDAs, smart phones or data loggers are read and entered by hand.

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