A major factor in event success is that the attendees feel comfortable in the venue. Modern building automation ensures a good indoor climate in event buildings as well as efficient operation.

There are many different types of event buildings, from traditional theatres, through town halls to cultural centers. Common to all of them is the diversity of requirements on building automation technology.

Usually, the intensity of use varies greatly. During the set-up and dismantling phases, only a few people are present or the buildings stand empty. However, during the events there are usually very many people present. Without building automation, it is challenging to efficiently switch between the required operating modes.

Moreover, there are often several rooms that serve different purposes, as well as a series of adjoining rooms that make different demands on the space conditions. Here, too, building automation provides for flexibility as well as cost effectiveness.

Energy efficiency

Energy prices are rising, and environmental protection regulations are becoming more stringent. In this context, energy efficiency in event buildings is of foremost significance. Intelligent building automation reduces energy consumption and hence emissions, and enables cost-optimal control of indoor climate conditions.

Furthermore, integrated building automation systems facilitate the identification of energy-saving potential as well as continuous optimization of energy consumption.

Kieback&Peter has successfully executed numerous projects for building automation solutions in event buildings.

On our References page, using the filter setting “Type of Application” to select "Cultural Buildings" you can find information on other selected projects for building automation in event buildings.

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