The technolon room automation system has now been certified as a MiINERGIE® "room comfort" module

The technolon RCN200 and RCC200 room controllers, various technolon RBW3xx room control modules and the MD15 small actuator have now been certified as one of the first building automation systems with MINERGIE® room module certification.

technolon is an automation system for energy efficient, user-friendly building automation.


MINERGIE® is a registered trademark for goods and services that make efficient energy use possible while also reducing environmental impact and improving the quality of life. MINERGIE® is a recognized standard for sustainable building in Switzerland and many other countries.

The certificate reads: "The systems recognized with this label feature not only optimal energy efficiency, but also premium quality, reliability and comfort for building occupants."

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Intelligent building automation

Intelligent and interoperable technolon devices based on LON technology are used in building automation, especially in the field of room automation. In this case they monitor and control temperature as well as air quality, lighting and sun shades. And they also provide sustainable energy efficiency and comfort.

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